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Holistic healthcare at your finger tips


Always by your side so you don't have to worry.

82% of Indian sare stressed out today.

64% of the population doesn’t have a perfectly healthy lifestyle.

Indians spend 62% of their savings on health.

We’re here to change that!

How Carebyte can help you

Multidisciplinary Team
Multidisciplinary Team

You will have a consistent team working with you to ensure your well being.

Personalised  Plans
Personalised Plans

Get access to wellness plans, customised for you and your family.

Remote and In Person  Consultation
Remote and In Person Consultation

Remote consultations via video, audio,  or messaging from your smartphones, or even in person

Online Health Records

Online Health Records

We use the most secure technologies to maintain easily accessible health records.

Health Score and Rewards
Health Score and Rewards

Achieve rewards and unlock discounts as you meet your health improvement targets.

Emergency Support
Emergency Support

24x7 concierge and medical support so that you can get the right medical attention at the right time.

Pharma Access
Pharma Access

Our diagnostics team carefully analyses reports and prescribes holistic healing methods..

Insurance Integration
Insurance Integration

We work with insurance companies to make healthcare affordable and give you the best care.

Personalised on-demand healthcare

Set achievable goals to improve your health and prevent future diseases with personalised coaching to address your health issues 

Track your health with the help of our personalised healthcare plans

We help you manage your medications with the help of doctors and pharmacist.

Not working for you?

Tell us, and we’ll help you out. 

Your health. Your way. 24x7