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All-in-one healthcare

Your Journey to Good Health Starts Here.

Achieve your health goals with the best medical care in India!

No more paying heavy medical bills as we offer mental health, physical health and medical support services, all under one subscription.

Get unlimited access to our platform always, so you can get the care you need, when you need it.

We take care of your health so that you don't have to suffer from diseases and medical bills!

Everything is included in a monthly subscription to provide you with easy and unlimited care to not only manage your health goals or diseases but to make sure that you get to live an illness-free life doing the things you love!

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Medical Insurance
Insurance of Rs. 3 lacs that cover pre-existing illnesses, maternity care, and 10 lacs accidental cover with your EliteByte subscription! 
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Fitness Coach

Reach your short and long-term goals with a dedicated fitness expert to get you into a healthy and fit shape at your pace.

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Don't think twice about opening up about your mental health issues with our specialists as all your conversations will be confidential and we will help you progress to a better self each day.
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PCOS, diabetes, hypertension, Obesity....whatever the concern, we got you covered at no extra cost! Get India's best specialists doctors to help you with your goal of getting rid of your ailments!

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Say NO to the FAD diets! Your nutritionist will ensure you reach your health goals without giving up your favourite foods by making small but impactful changes in your diet!
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Health Concierge
Answering all your health-related queries, arranging appointments, managing prescriptions, booking tests and getting medication delivered, they have got you covered 24/7!
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Family Doctor

Before you start googling and diagnosing your symptoms, speak to an experienced family doctor so that they can provide you with the right care and treatment on time!

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Medication and Diagnostic Services

Get exclusive pricing and best offers on medication and diagnostic tests with our 10+ partners like TATA 1MG, Redcliffe, Mahajans etc.

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Log your healthy activities and avail your 4X Bytecoins on your 50+ favourite brands like Myntra, Flipkart, Bookmyshow, Uber and more. It's time you get paid to be healthy!

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Get paid to be healthy!

Avail rewards and medical care at your fingertips, trusted by all your favourite brands!


Don’t Delay. Reach Us.

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